Interactive Orchestra Toy
Interactive Orchestra Toy
Interactive Orchestra Toy

Symphony in B.

Interactive Orchestra Toy

  • 13 instruments and 15 songs and symphonies
  • Millions of musical combinations!
  • Choose from clarinet, flute, tuba, trumpet, xylophone, drums, cymbals, piano, accordion, koto, guitar, violin and sitar.
  • Lights teach the sections of an orchestra
  • Professionally recorded soundsIncluded playbill teaches composers, writers and lyrics

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13 instruments. 15 songs. The musical possibilities are endless! Choose your song and up to 6 instruments, then place them in the orchestra pit to hear them play all together. Change up the volume, tempo, and instruments (while the song plays) for a fun transformation! Playing with this musical toy is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of music – which can also kick-start learning and offer lifelong benefits. Kids respond best to sensory experiences when they actively participate, just like with this colourful instrument set!

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