Baby Activity Center
Baby Activity Center
Baby Activity Center

Spin, Rattle & Roll

Baby Activity Center

  • Vibrant beads slip and slide along a loop-de-loo.
  • Top compartments spin and rattle balls contained inside.
  • Varied colors, shapes and sounds designed to fascinate a baby.
  • No batteries needed. Baby powered!
  • Recommended for 6 months +

Regular price$29.99
GST included.

Babies are wonderful little creatures. They bring joy into our lives and in exchange, all they expect is to be fed, changed and kept happy at all times. That's not so hard, right? Ok maybe the perpetual happiness part might be a little hard to pull off, but with the Spin, Rattle and Roll, you can, at the very least, keep your little one entertained and occupied for a good long while. That's because this deceptively simple baby toy has multiple different modes of play that would mesmerize any infant. Guide the beads along the loop-de-loo rail. Move them from one point to another very slowly, or as fast as you can! The clear chambers on top also spin around, causing the interior contents of brightly coloured tiny balls to rattle around like crazy! And once your baby has grown a little too old, you can easily pass this item along to a friend or save it for the next bundle of joy on the way because it's super sturdy and built to last!


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