Wooden Toddler Bike
Wooden Toddler Bike
Wooden Toddler Bike
Wooden Toddler Bike
Toddler bike.|Toddler bike.|Toddler bike.|Toddler bike.

Smooth Rider

Wooden Toddler Bike

  • Toddler Bike: Take a seat and go for a ride on this colourful wooden bike!
  • Easy-to-Ride: This bike for toddlers has four sturdy wheels and tiny hands-friendly handles that make it easy to steer.
  • Developmental Toy: Riding a bike develops gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Weight: The wooden frame supports up to 90 lbs (41 kg).
  • Age: This wooden toy is recommended for toddlers 18 months +

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Take a ride with the toddler-powered Smooth Rider from B. toys! This lightweight wooden bike has four textured wheels and easy-to-grab handles that your little one can steer in any direction. The wooden frame supports up to 90 lbs (41 kg), and riding the bike also helps build gross motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination. And because we at B. keep the environment in mind, parents will also be happy to know that our packaging is recyclable!

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Warning: This toy is to be used under adult supervision. Remove all packaging before use. This is a ride-on toy and not to be used as a walker. Please store indoors as exposure to sunlight may damage fabric and fade colours. Only one child can ride at a time. Toy is designed for children aged 18 months and up, and can hold up to 40kg. This toy should always be used with caution since skill is required to avoid falls or collisions. Misuse of toy could result in injury of rider and/or spectators. Please ride in a safe area and avoid dangerous riding areas. Never use in roadways, near motor vehicles, on or near steep inclines and steps, swimming pools and other bodies of water. Keep out of rain or puddles as moisture may lead to mildew on wood and rusted components. Wipe clean only ATTENTION: Clean surface with a damp cloth only. Do not immerse in water.


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