Frog Drum Set
Frog Drum Set
Frog Drum Set


Frog Drum Set

  • Frog Drum with microphone, voice changer and interactive games
  • 2 drumsticks that clip directly on the toy drum
  • Choose from rock, world, electro-pop or a chorus of frogs
  • Includes 4 x AA batteries
  • This frog drum is recommended for 2 years +

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Ribbit-tat-tat from B toys is a frog-inspired toddler drum set and the winner of multiple awards! Ribbit! Your toddler will love the familiar nursery songs and ribbity beats. So grab the retractable microphone and sing along. Control the beat and the tempo. Record and play back the songs that you create on this lightweight and portable kids drum. With its sturdy, toddler-proof construction, this frog toy drum is the perfect way to introduce music to babies and toddlers. After 2 minutes of inactivity, Ribbit-tat-tat goes to sleep with an auto-off feature.


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