Plush Bear
Plush Bear
Plush Bear
Plush Bear

Happyhues - Cara-Mellow Bear

Plush Bear

  • A cuddly companion filled with love for your little one!
  • Play with Cara-Mellow Bear at home or on-the-go, hug him tight during story time, or make the crib the coziest place for Naptime.
  • Made with love and easy to care for
  • Snuggle-sized: Cara-Mellow Bear is 12 inches tall – a perfect size for endless hugs and cuddles.
  • This plush is great for babies and big kids alike, because no one is too old for a snuggle.

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Cara-Mellow Bear from is the most easy-going teddy in town! This 12-inch teddy bear has a fluffy toffee-coloured coat, rosy cheeks, blue dotted ears, and vibrant light blue paws. Silky and squishy, she’s a great friend to have around for hugs and snuggles! When Cara-Mellow isn't cuddling it up, she loves to go on fun road trips, whether it's in the car or in a wagon. This stuffed animal is easy to care for too—she’s machine washable after all!


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