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Plush Dog
Plush Dog

Happyhues - Candy Pup

Plush Dog

  • A cuddly companion filled with love for your little one!
  • Play with Candy Pup at home or on-the-go, hug him tight during story time, or make the crib the coziest place for Naptime.
  • Made with love and easy to care for
  • Snuggle-sized: Candy Pup is 12 inches tall – a perfect size for endless hugs and cuddles.
  • This plush is great for babies and big kids alike, because no one is too old for a snuggle.

Regular price$24.99
GST included.

Candy Pup is full of energy with lots of cuddles to give. Going to the park? Candy Pup wants to swing and slide and run and play! Phew! And at the end of the day, Candy Pup is ready for a hug-athon! See just how many hugs Candy Pup has to offer (here's a hint - it's A LOT).


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