Interactive Plush Fox
Interactive Plush Fox
Interactive Plush Fox

Happy Yappies - Pipsqueak

Interactive Plush Fox

  • Press your cuddly buddy's tummy and start talking, they'll repeat your words back to you in their own silly voice.
  • On and on they go, repeating everything you say.
  • Shake 'em up and see what happens.
  • Watch out - even the chattiest critters get tired of talking!
  • 2 AA batteries included

Regular price$29.99
GST included.

Keep on gabbin' with a buddy who loves blabbin'! The Happy Yappies fox Pipsqueak is a real chatterbox! This interactive stuffed animal repeats your words – just press its tummy and start talking, and it will say your words back to you in a silly voice. Shake him up and see what happens! Pipsqueak will repeat your words over and over. Then give this little fox a second tummy squeeze to start a new conversation. Happy Yappies are great hands-on and screen-free toys that promote creativity and spark the imagination. And because we want to make sure our planet smiles as brightly as your little ones, we also make our packaging recycling bin-friendly!


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