Portable Drum Set
Portable Drum Set
Portable Drum Set
Portable Drum Set

Drumroll, Please!

Portable Drum Set

  • Instruments store inside the drum.
  • There are clickety castanets, a whistly whistle, a tappity tambourine, and more!
  • All of these instruments are as zany and funky as can be.

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A portable parade that makes it easy to take the band on the road! This children's drum kit comes with seven musical instruments and is easy to grab on-the-go. Play with a toy drum, shaka-shake egg, castanet, tambourine, toy whistle, and two drum sticks! Perfect for the curious minds of toddlers who are just learning about cause and effect.

WARNING!: Do not use close to the ear! Misuse may cause damage to hearing.


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