Koala Security Blanket
Koala Security Blanket

B. Snugglies - Fluffy Koko

Koala Security Blanket

  • Baby Blanket: An adorably fluffy koala blanket for your little one to love!
  • Tiny Hands-Friendly: This perfectly-sized koala blanket fits great in little baby hands so they can hold it tightly!
  • Secure & Sensory: A security blanket that keeps babies feeling safe and secure while providing visual and tactile stimulation.
  • Super Softness: This koala blanket is super soft to the touch and can hold your baby through the sweetest of dreams.
  • Age: This blanket is recommended for newborns and older.

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GST included.

It's all about peaceful snuggles and endless cuddles with this koala-inspired security blanket. The familiarity of a lovey provides warmth, safety, and comfort – and it engages your baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch before they drift off into the land of dreams.


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