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There's something magical
about the Land of B.
A place sprinkled with musical adventures and endless possibilities.



Meet the Doo B. Doos

The B. band is ready to roll! Meet Woofer, Lolo, and Jax: the rockin’ Doo B. Doos that tour the Land of B. and spread the joy of music.

This caring pup, clever cat, and easygoing frog play concerts and bring everyone together! Want to feel the magic of B. in your home? Collect these doo-tastic musical toys and fill playtime with a ton of fun!

The Land of B. toys have landed and they’re ready to fill your child’s world with wonder. This B. collection features fun-tastic musical toys that come with lights and sounds, soft and squishy stuffed animal toys, foam and wooden puzzles, and much more. Splash away at bath time, get cozy at naptime, and have endless fun at playtime. No matter how your little one decides to play, these toys will sprinkle some magic into their world every day.